Monday, August 3, 2009

til next time...

Last night I went out to one of my club nights. Well you see, it was gay pride weekend, and everyone wanted to go to the gay bars or the clubs putting on a special event for it. We didn't. The club we were at was pretty quiet, but it was good to hang out with the promoters for once. We usually are working but we spent some good quality time together with bottles of Belvedeere!

I came home in the wee morning hours and my friend leaving for LA was at the local Tim Horton's saying bye to everyone. Ofcourse I dropped by. I wouldn't miss it for the world. He has left a few times now and he is planning to go to New York and Dubai. Lucky.. I hate him leaving. He's one of my all time best guy friends and is such a sweetheart. I've seen every girl he's played and have always had a good time with him. Anyhow, I wrote him a letter. It's a tradition. Whenever he leaves I write him a goodbye letter for the plane and we say see you later rather than goodbye. Because it's too sad and there is no good in goodbye! <3

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