Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i think it's because he wants to be on my blog..

So the adventures in boyland continue. Surprisingly. Just when you think everything is good and settled, Australia man comes home. He wasn't supposed to come home til October, but he has. When I was up in Whistler. Anyhow, I guess he's using the same sim card because he decided to text me tonight. It was really weird because I was kind of wondering if he would contact me in other means besides facebook. And he did. It's weird because we hung out till the day he left and then he just left and would randomly message and text me.

He wanted to meet up tonight but I'm really not feeling it, and then he asked to see me tomorrow. So he seems pretty eager, saying that he'll be at home and for me to just let him know. Persistent. Every text was like what are you doing? Wanna do something? lalala. Oyy. Refer to Alienated by Keri Hilson. <3

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