Tuesday, September 22, 2009


K seriously, be warned before you click on this website because your eyes are going to feast on the CUTEST dogs alive! There's this site called LuxPup, who are expert importers of teacup puppies from Korea. These dogs include maltese, yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas and white poms! They import of request which can take 2 weeks to 2 months, but they find what exactly you are looking for. All their puppies are from 2-4 lbs at full size! I'm seriously so in love. And the best part of all, their poop is like the size of a pea! I want one. <3

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    GOOD WORK :)

  2. Do you really think those dogs look healthy? The Yorkie in the first picture looks downright sickly.

    This is nothing but a sick puppy mill.

  3. They are a legitimate business though. I don't know a whole ton about dogs though. Just thought they were adorable!

  4. I got two maltese puppies from Luxpups. They do look how they look in their pictures. I got my first one who ended up going blind from a very rare syndrome called white spot syndrome. She was blind for a few month and then some of her sight came back. I couldn't hold this against luxpups because even the eye vet is unsure why it happens. So almost a year later I got our next maltese pup from luxpups. 6000$ for the dogs and over 15, 000$ in medical bills lets just say DO NOT PURCHASE A DOG FROM THIS COMPANY. My first dog has lost her sight again, they said it's not her eyes and that its most likely her brain, which will cost thousands more to find out. If it is her brain, she will die. Also my second puppy has been very sick since a month after i got her, she has inherited a very weak immune system and has sores all over her body and is itchy all the time. She has only one more options with medication treatments and the vets are nervous to give it to her cause it may kill her or cause severe neurological disorders. But she may also die without the treatments. I can have kids, these dogs are my everything and the fact that my 1 and 2 yr old dogs may die from strange illnesses is awful. I syringe my one dog her food and water everyday for every meal and have been since a month after I got her. This company is breeding very sick dogs and then sticking a very big price tag on them. This whole situation s heart breaking and sickening. Please dont but yourself or your family through this.

    Use caution when purchasing a puppy from LUX PUP’s , Michelle ( Hwayeon Lee).
    Anyone considering purchasing a puppy or adult dog from Lux Pup from Canada or South Korea.
    Michelle ( Hwayeon Lee) owner of Lux Pup, is very dishonest and has stolen my money.
    I am a small hobby breeder of Yorkshire Terriers in the U.S.A., I had bought a male Yorkie Puppy from Michelle with the agreement that I would have his KKC (Korean Kennel Club) papers sent to me a couple of months after the purchase. With being a breeder, I would need to transfer his KKC papers to AKC (American Kennel Club), I explained that if I didn’t get papers, that I could not use him for breeding, and she assured me that would be no problem.
    Once Lux Pup (Hwayeon Lee aka Michelle) shipped the male puppy to me, she has created every excuse possible to delay and avoid me since the shipment. It is going on two years now, she no longer answers my emails or phone calls. I had posted on her facebook that I will be taking her to court if I don’t get my money back or if I don’t get the male’s paperwork, either one. Michelle removed the post from her facebook, blocked me and emailed to say she would be sending his paperwork. I never got them… Michelle appears to be very honest and nice. Please don’t be fooled!! There may be those who have had good experiences with her, but it does not excuse how she has done others.
    If anyone else has had any problem’s with Lux Pup, please contact me at angeljeffries@gmail.com , I am in the process of filing a suite against Michelle for Fraud, Theft and deceptive business practices.
    Her website’s are http://www.luxpup.ca/

  6. im the #1 dog lver when i saw this i almost broke the comuter screen