Thursday, September 17, 2009

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I've been going a few things lately. Not just me. People around me as well. So I've got to thinking. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. It's my opinion from my knowledge.

Live without regrets because it has already passed us. We may get the feeling of regret but suck up the situation because it can only get better from here. Every decision that you have made has gotten you to this point whether it is bad or good. It is you who had written each chapter of your life.

Keep your true friends and truly treasure them. I would rather have one good friend than a bunch of fake friends. Why keep people around you who don't believe in you? We're all partly negative, some more than others so why surround yourself with more negativity. Those true friends are the ones you really need to invest your time and energy into to get the return you are looking for.

Before you can change for the better, you need to learn to love yourself first. Sometimes you have to put yourself first to be okay. To better yourself. It's not being selfish, it's about change. And truly believe. You can get anywhere in life as long as there's a dream and you reach for it. I would rather die trying for my dreams rather than not at all.

The ultimate connection between all is to love. Sometimes love lets you down but that's the short term. You experience certain things so you can better yourself as a person and change to improve. If you love, you'll receive love in return. It's the ultimate bottom line which interconnects everyone in the world.

You have to have balance. In every aspect of your life, you need a bit of everything to create balance. Think about it. Without a balance in life, your whole world would fall apart.

Take some time to reflect who you are. Who you've become.

Be yourself. You were give the personality you have and that's why the people around you love you for being you. If everyone were the same the world would be boring. Everyone is and individual so think and act for yourself.

Have faith that tomorrow is a new day. Live for the moment, for you'll never get it back. Maybe someone will quote me one day. <3

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