Friday, September 25, 2009

VS competition!

Do you want to be in the next Victoria's Secret fashion show?! I do! But I'm way to scared! Anyhow, Victoria's Secret is having a nationwide (US of course...) model search for the next Runway Angel.

The competition begins October 3 in New York City (it wouuuld be!) There will be 4 casting calls in Miami, LA, Chicago and of course NYC. For registration details click here. You can also enter online October 1 to October 24. Judges will choose 10 finalists to fly them to NYC for Angel Boot Camp.

The winner will be by viewer's choice, and they will walk in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show December 1 on CBS!!!!

To qualify, you have to be ages 18-30 and be 5'8" or taller. That's without heels ladies. Everyone's predicting they are doing this competition cuz so many angels are pregnant! Eeks! <3

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