Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dull doll

Have I lost my inspiration? I've been so busy lately and I do apologize. I've been working like mad and in the times that I have off I'm studying or going to school and trying to let my social life not come to an end! Depressing? I think so! I know you hear about one of these apology messages every few months or so, but I haven't really found anything WORTH blogging about. It's just all the same junk that I frankly do not find important enough!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, which also means that the Harmonized Sales Tax will be in full effect. Which totally blows. That means my shopping expenses will go up, which means I really should be moving to New York where there's no tax and get away from a lying government over here who just looks out for themselves! To top that, they are adding the carbon tax on gas which means gas will be tres expensive. I mean Vancouver is already an expensive place to live and the government just keeps bulldozing their way whether people like it or not. So much for a voice or opinion when apparently it does NOTHING. Grr. So much for a "happy" birthday Canada. <3

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