Tuesday, June 1, 2010

she's still got it

The one star I will never give up on. She has and will always look amazing. Gwen Stefani is on July's InStyle UK that is. In the magazine she says why she's fashion obsessed, "It’s been the same my whole life. I made so many clothes growing up and I used to do my own costumes. Like, in college – we’d have a concert coming up and all I would do was daydream about what I was going to make. It’s the same now. Fashion gets me so excited."

She chose to make her collection based on waht she was going to wear for Fall, "I was into grey, black and white, with just touches of colour, like yellow here and there. And a lot of drapery and slouchy stuff and some tailoring – and looks that were a bit Eighties, but also modern. It’s about what I would wear, to be honest. It’s very selfish!"
Gwen also states that if she does not get a girl, Kingston's girlfriend would get all her clothes! Wow lucky girl! <3


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