Monday, June 7, 2010

so sick of studying

This day is so retarded. I woke up to sun, then it began to rain. It's like the weather has turrets or something. Plus I've been in comfy clothes all day studying my brains out for two exams I have tomorrow. Remind me why I am taking 3 summer courses again? Oh right. 8 more courses to charge through after the summer. I don't know how some people are student lifers. Crazy people. I haven't even found anything interesting to blog about which is so sad!

Also, I had a fortune cookie that entertained me for about a good 2 seconds. Keeping me intrigued perhaps. Is far away 8 hours? aka New York? Anna Wintour?

This weekend wasn't one of the bests either, basically did what I did today, studied til the brain fried. And the boy got in a car accident. Just our luck. How productive.

So stoked I have a big bow like the above. Just haven't found the right occasion to wear it! <3

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