Tuesday, June 1, 2010

carried away

To think that my first blog post was right after I watched the first Sex and the City movie! Two and a half years ago? Who would have guessed?! And now I'm blogging about SATC2. Which to me was one giant fashion show. I thought the storyline was a little try hard but the fashion was amazing. Overall, not as good as the first. Me and my friends were discussing how it was only a peak/glimpse into the ladies' lives, rather than a definite end to SATC, and we claimed they should definitely have a Sex and the City 3 to finalize things and end things off. There were sooo many odds and ends in the movie, as if they were trying to fit as much as they could in!

The best part though was that I reunited with my best girlfriends who are just as obsessed with SATC as I am. It was a fun/chill girls night out and I had an amazing time catching up on the past year with them. Even thought the movie wasn't as good as I hoped, the fashion was to the tee as always right down to the nails, the boys were sexy, and I had an amazing night out with my girls!

P.S. Samantha is effing HILARIOUS in the movie, and definitely stole the show. <3

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