Thursday, January 21, 2010

featured blog: the heart sticker revolution

I actually came across this on Facebook, but it is the heart sticker revolution. It is meant to stand for love. To unite us and love one another. The blog says:

"on the 13th february 2009, the day before valentine’s day, i attended a ‘fire through the window’ concert and through pure felicity and serendipity, i ended up sticking ♥ stickers on everyone there. over 300.

it was magical. everywhere you looked there were ♥ stickers. everyone was united.

at splashy fen, over 3000 ♥ stickers were given out. and at other concerts all over durban, south africa."

So to continue this revolution, they want to put these hearts everywhere. Kind of like the "where is the love" music video. Everywhere you could possibly think. All you have to do is send your postal address to: You will then be maile and envelope with heart stickers and you can start the revolution!

You can also send your heart sticker photos to and they will be posted on their blog. <3

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