Monday, January 11, 2010

two in one

This weekend I went out two nights in a row. I usually only tend to go out one of the nights and have the other night chill. This time was two of my good friends birthdays though!

Friday night was kicked off by heading to a new club downtown, and running into a fabulous DJ, Vs Zero, also known as Mike Grefner. He's amazing if you're a house music fan. I met him up at Whistler in the summer actually. Anyhow, got his demo and have been listening to it as I study away.

As for Saturday night, I got off work and headed downtown to my friends' 21st birthday. We all gathered in a gorgeous apartment in the heart of downtown and had a couple of drinks and mingled. She is a long time friend and it was a little awkward as I only knew a couple of people since we go to completely different universities and have been mixing in totally different circles. Anyhow, when we hit the club the fun actually began. More people I knew showed up, and once again the music was hitting my soul. It was a fun girls night.

It's nice to be around girls for once, especially since I have more guy friends than girl friends. I swear I only spent $4 that night because everything else was free, which made the night even better! <3

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