Tuesday, January 19, 2010

unpredictable boy update

So do you remember Australian guy? From long long ago that I used to blog about? The one who left me for Australia? Well thanks to facebook, I was informed that he is back with his ex which he used to be so frustrated with and all. Maybe cuz he still liked her all along, but I would have never guessed that they would get back together. And I definitely didn't think he was the type of guy to display it on facebook for the world to see.

It's weird. I don't care until they are gone for real, even though I do have a boyfriend. Who knew I'd still have boy drama without being single. It's the fact that they were always there and all of a sudden they're gone! I guess old habits do died hard in this case anyways.

Anyhow, on a different note but on the same subject, the one who has always like me... I think it's 7 years now has been messaging me every Saturday for the past 2 weeks. You wouldn't believe what. He started messaging me again about how he wishes he tried with me and how he regrets he didn't and how he has such horrid timing and all that. Then the next week he was saying all this stuff about how horny he was for me. Oh yeah, keep in mind he has a girltoy at the moment who he said he would never be her boyfriend. Oy. Guys are straight retarded. Hate them but can't live without them! <3

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  1. guess who?? its your biggest fan :) hopefully you know who i am by now lol if you don't, i guess you'll never know haha who is this 7 years guy?! why am i completely clueless!! i miss you <3 xo